Confirm on flat or hard floor to use Flyer jumping machine

In extensive & safety place to use it , in order to prevent to fall down by obstacle

Get ready a pair of Flyer jumping machine

Wear the comfortable clothes and sports shoes

Wear on the protecting appliance, e.g. Helmet, kneepad, palm & elbow protecting Preparing running

Doing warm-up exercise.

Notes: All of the connected parts of the screw use special type cushion, in order to ensure bolt slipped.

Beginner should button shoe buckles of Flying Jumper in a place where is high enough. The belt of foot cushion should tie tightly. Adjusting fasten part of foot cushion and fixed well in order to put your foot in the best place, especially the heel. Tied the belt tightly Wear another shoes. The step is the same as the first one. You can stand up against the wall or under your friends' help. After enough practice, you can start to do simple jumping.  

Usually beginner can't stand up after tumble down without any help, so please don't practice walking without help at the beginning, unless you can stand up with the strength of another foot after tumble down and without any help.

# If you are fractured, injured by a fall, in the poor health condition, or reaction slowly, please don't use it.

# Please don't repair, refit or disassemble it by yourself. If you have any questions, please contact with the seller or the center of customers' service.

# Cleaning up the dust and the place of soaking with cloth after using it

# Please use it in these place:

    * Lane: prohibition in the place where the vehicle is hard to stop or near the corner of street and other place.

    * Prohibition in the soft place floor and ground: for example grasslands or paved with carpet, it as is too soft to support1Spring working.

    * Slope and stair: please don't play in the narrow and slope place, you may be fall down or hurt the others.

    *Don't use it in the place of obstacle please.