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Thank you for purchasing your g-wheel recreation vehicle. It is highly recommended you review this owner's operational and maintenance manual.Understanding the proper start up procedures, regular maintenance and tips on riding techniques will ensure you achieve your objective - and that is to have fun! Getting to hnow your new toy and learning to ride will be very exciting.Enjoy your ride!
Caution! The rider always wear safeguard helmet, kneeboss and son on
Caution! The rider's age shoul get 16 years old.
Caution! Always ride on off road.
Caution! Please take care the gasoline .Do not smoke cigarettes or close the tank or keep away fire.
ENGINE START UP:1.ensure switch on "start" position . 2.ensure choke off.(top position) 3.ensure gas can into carburetor.(make the oil tube with "on" position) pull the "pull start cord" slowly until you feel it engage with engine then pull quickly . it will be fire. after 5-10 second, push the choke open.(low position), after 45 second, when the engine warm up.(the rear wheel follow your gas control.) you just can ride it.
FUEL:Your motor is a 2-cycle high performance internal combustion engine. high performance 2-cycle oil the mix is 25 to 30 parts gasoline for 1 part oil (recommended for regular riding conditions ).
Example:30:1 means - 1 liter of gasoline will require 33 ml of oil