The Magic Wheel's Birth..

A couple of years ago a Euro designer was bored and was sick and tired of everyone whizzing around on aluminum scooters. So he retired to the garden shed for a while and got to work! The end result is staggering, out came a sleek, cool scooter that when mastered made traveling effortless and at the same time grabbed everyone's attention!

MagicWheel features:

Weight: 14 lb
Max Height: 29 inches
Wheel Dia: 26" / 20mm
Rear direction wheel:125mm x 25mm
Wheel used: Professional sports wheel
Frame: High quality reinforced ABS plastic
Colors: Black & Red
90 days warranty, tool kit & user manual included
Rider Weight: Maximum 250 lb
Suitable for users aged 12+

Q & A's

How do you ride a Magic wheel?
You put the Main wheel in between your legs and put one foot on the board (normally your right one) and push off with your other foot. when you are balanced comfortably you place your other foot on the board and away you go!
What age is the Magic Wheel suitable for?
The recommended minimum age is 12 years old. This is due to the inside leg measurement needed to comfortably ride the Magic Wheel. The minimum inside leg measurement needed is 28 inches.

Is the Magic Wheel a safe product?
It is no more dangerous than a skateboard or a Micro scooter. Because the big wheel is the first thing to go over objects it goes over them far easier than what a skateboard/Micro scooter would. Like with all products of this nature you are advised to wear the appropriate safety gear.
How long does it take before I can ride the Magic Wheel?
The average user takes a couple of hours practice before they can comfortably ride the Magic Wheel with both feet on the board. But even practice is great fun and the challenging aspect makes it very addictive!

How do I change direction?
To avoid obstacles/minor turning you adjust your weight to weave in and out. If you want to change direction completely then put one foot down and spin around. The small directional wheel allows the user to change direction in a split second.

How do I stop if there is no brake?l
We have experimented with having a brake and we found that it works better without one. To stop in an emergency then simply jump off and grab the handle or let it fall on the floor. It is made out of reinforced plastic so it wont break!

Guarantee of product
From the data you buy it, we provided repairing in one year.